callow isn't comfort

by Gardens

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winter EP.

Review from Fucked By Noise

Extremely pissed and energetic modern hardcore - the way it should be. Gardens are five piece band from Salinas, California who are playing bold hardcore akin to a few other Californian groups (Dangers, Ghostlimb etc) with nods to the weirder side of the punk/hardcore scene of the 1980s. Gardens' showcase plenty of meaty riffs on their second EP, and certainly know how to play it hard and fast but are capable of throwing in an odd twist or turn here and there and complimenting it with lyrics that don't conform to the usual HxC drivel. Callow Isn't Comfort is a pretty good example of what a good modern hardcore release should sound like, it doesn't try to shamelessly ape older bands and it isn't boring old xHATEMOSHx bullshit either- go check it out.


released December 31, 2013

recorded by gardens and Heath Macias at Vault 69. Mixed and Mastered by Marc Estebillo. Art work by Adam England; Acrylic on canvas



all rights reserved


Gardens Salinas, California


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Track Name: Doom
Oh sweet Mother of the Night
I feel your sin binding so tight
Take me in
I'll be your child
Let my blood run vile

A path of black
For me to take
A lake of blood
For me to wake
Track Name: Prowler
Make way for the slaughter
That scent she wears has got me hotter and hotter
My lungs close up
When she sings her song "I'm leaving, love"
Your queen made the right move
But I'm still out back laughing at the moon
Second-handed misery
Wasted you: Wasted me

She said "Baby, leave me alone."
And I would if she'd let go

So light all of your hearts on fire
And burn away with your desire
Because I'm passed out drunk again
While you're asleep in another man's bed
Track Name: There are some good nights...
The smoke we breathe
Blacks out the sky
Our lungs will soon
Soon be slime

I no longer feel the taste of the waste

Drown our throats with a cheer
Feel our lives stray away from the clear

We don't care why we fucking do this
We don't care why you don't
Is the life that we all chose
Track Name: but mostly bad ones
It's too loud
It's too bright
I won't get any sleep tonight

All the voices in my mind
Are even worse when I close my eyes

The room begins to spin
And I'm wearing my crooked grin
Track Name: Callow
Can you hear me?
I've had too much to drink tonight
Can you feel me?
I left my soul in your bed last night

My soul goes down with every bottle
My soul drowns down with every bottle
Track Name: Squirm of the Worms
I know that you are happy I am out of your hair

Feel the squirm of the worms
In your stomach as you toss and you turn
Losing your head screaming at the dead
Reliving words that were left unsaid

Hand to the door
You know where you weep
Head through the floor
You know where you sleep

I know that you are happy I am out of your hair
Track Name: To Name
Ranting words of the unheard
Splattered all across a page
"I'm not me. I never was."
That's all they say

Life made a bargain that I couldn't keep
Now I write about the shit in my dreams
I do not drink to forget who I was
So you won't remember who I could become

Stab this pen right into my veins
And dig myself an even deeper grave
I'll stab this pen right into my veins
And dig myself an even deeper grave
Track Name: Roach King
Fill in my lungs

Let my body feel weightless
Watch it all float away

Without a care in the world
I'll breathe in the girl

Her soul fills my veins
From my lungs I escape

I'll let my body feel weightless
Watch my life slip away